Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization is a way to organically make your website visible in Google searches. Google uses 200 factors to rank your website, so it’s important to get these key factors right.

Top 5 ranking factors:

1. On page content
2. Keyword research
3. Link building
4. Website structure
5. Meta data tags

On page content

Google needs to know what your business is about, so that potential visitors can find you. The title tag is the most prominent on-page content and it is important to make this as click-enticing and appealing as possible.

Keyword research

Google ranks a page based on keywords. We will support you in establishing keywords for your website, in order to boost it higher in search engines.

Link building

Having links to both internal pages and external websites is crucial to the success of your site and its rankings. By utilising these links it will ensure that Google very quickly understands the authenticity of your site.

Website structure

This is how the website looks after the code has been written. When search engines crawl through your website they need to do this as efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves on writing clean code that search engines find easy to read.

Meta data tags

These are the tags that are built into your website that Google will read and use to display your company in its search results. Tailor making these to your site ensures that potential customers understand the content on your website.